What got you started with photography in the first place?
It started with my love of drag racing. I wanted to preserve every memory connected to my first passion.

Who has influenced you or helped sculpt your individual shooting style?
When I was getting started with photography, I met drag racing hall of famer / ESPN host Bret Kempner. He shared his wealth of photography knowledge with me and taught me that photography has no right and wrong - photography simply captures moments in time. Bret also made me realize that art can come out of what some may call imperfect shots. With each frame, I learn. I see more. I become more aware. I can't shoot enough! And Bret continues to help me refine my style.

What other photography interests do you have besides shooting cars and, nightlife?
Portrait and modeling photography are two interests I have. Since I started shooting, I have been hired for numerous fashion shows. I love trying to capture something that is always changing and moving. It's a challenge that keeps me on my toes.

Where is your primary geographic location or area of work?
Currently, most of my work takes place in and around Saint Louis, MO. For some special events I will travel around the Midwest.

How long have you had an interest in photography? How long have you been shooting automobiles?
I had a strong interest in photography since my early teens. But it wasn't until I became friends with Bret Kempner in 2002 that I had the chance to explore that interest. The more I learned, the more passionate I became about photography.

Since 1999, automotive photography has been my primary focus. Now, I shoot much more than cars.

Has your work been published or exhibited?
Various automotive forums, along with nightclubs have used my photos. I also display some of my photo collections on my profiles on Myspace, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

Other achievements
I am the official photographer for, and

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